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Press "M" to mute "voices"

"Oldschool point'n'click adventure games and three-frame comic strips clash in a epictimetraveling duel to the death"- is the type of hyperbola one might expect to find in one of these descriptions.

In reality this is just a prototype/proof of concept for an oldschool, LucasArts-style point & click game. And my first ever completed game-project released for public consumption so i feel a something a little bit more subtle suits it better.

This is an homage to the types of games i played growing up and started as a "can i really do this" -project. As such it's not the most stable game in the world as i was learning as i went along but it was alot of fun and i've learnt alot. Hopefully someone out there'll enjoy the hour or so it should take to play through it.

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Published Nov 22, 2016
Release date Nov 23, 2016
Tagsblack-and-white, Comedy, comicstrip, monkey-island, monochrome, Mystery, oldschool, Pirates, Point & Click, Time Travel
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles

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